Art Exploration Kit for Toddlers


Peel it and stick it; it’s that simple. This toddler directed kit includes a wide variety of collage materials, stickers, peel and stick cardstock framed artboards and animal shapes. Toddlers will get a feel for hands-on creativity!

Features: 100 jumbo paper shapes, 100 Really Big Buttons, 100 Big Pom Poms, 100 Jumbo Fun Plastic Shapes, 240 pieces of Shredded Tissue, 100 pieces 6” yarn in asst. colors, 12 (8 x 9”) peel and stick picture frames (farm, jungle and bugs themed), 12 (6 x 9”) peel and stick die-cut animal shapes (dog, cat, elephant, zebra, lady bug and butterfly), 4 shape stickers panels (120 stickers), 4 design stickers panels (120 stickers)

Item# R21291     Age: 3+     Made in USA