Body Poetry: Animal Action Cards


Use your imagination to incorporate the motion of animals into safe, fun and healthy exercises. Take out these colorful cards on a rainy day to help children get moving. Lurch like a bear or hop like a frog, waddle like a penguin or prance like a deer. Bring the world outside into the classroom, and take advantage of this opportunity to teach your students about their animal neighbors while learning new ways to enjoy being active. The 16 cards are separated in to 3 categories: easy, intermediate and challenging — with 3 related walking patterns on the reverse side. The included guide details facts about each animal, as well as exercise routines and ideas for integrating the exercises into the curriculum.

Includes: 16 exercise cards, 8½” x 11” (22 x 28 cm) and guide                 -> Download Our Guide

Item #: R62010     Age: 4+    Made in Canada