Goo Spreaders


Take the mess out of craft time! Great for spreading glue and mixing paint. A handy tool for every classroom. Useful in art projects.

10 spreaders, 4” (13 cm)    • Assorted colors   • Idea guide

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Item #: R5725     Age: 4+     Made in USA

4.5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Anne Sheffield from Connecticut on Jun 03, 2014
This is my second order because everyone has problems with application. These are colorful, flexible, and the students liked them for paste, although paste seems to crumble and not hold well when put on too thickly. Glue sticks just don't last and are hard to open and close and use moderately (too much, too little). Students with sensory sensitivities don't like to get their hands sticky or painty so this tool might help with that. They would be good for "drawing" in fingerprint, or as a substitute for brushes, for a palette knife effect? The price is great for the quantity and child-appeal.
Anne Sheffield from CT on Mar 21, 2014
Again, haven't used these yet, but plan to replace wooden sticks and fingers to apply paste. I also like the idea of using them for texture with paint and finger paint. Some kids don't like to get their hands sticky or colorful so need a flexible tool like this. Thanks for getting me closer to solving one of the adhesives problems.