Ocean Fish Rubbing Plates

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Place a sheet of paper over the rubbing plate and rub with the side of a crayon to reveal the pattern underneath. Color in the details with markers or colored pencils. Fill with or press into modeling clay. Great with papier mâché! Make sun catchers using white glue and food color. Simply fill a rubbing plate and let dry. Peel the resulting mold off and you are done.

Features: 16 Rubbing plates, 4” x 5” (10 x 13 cm) and teaching guide -> Download Our Guide

Item #: R5814     Age: 3+     Made in USA

Reviews for Ocean Fish Rubbing Plates
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Anne Sheffield from CT on Mar 21, 2014
These were actively used with my youngest students the day after I opened the box -- they loved the wonderful images that emerged as they rubbed., My only reservation was the shark, which I didn't offer because they would all want it, but I don't like the scare factor. They took turns and passed them around, sharing well, so amazed by what appeared magically on their papers. Even the most reluctant student can be enticed by these, and the relative complexity took more time than simple rubbing plates, which can be done too quickly for class time.