Counting Hands Kit

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Play with Problem Solving and Math Concepts! Sort, graph, sequence, lace, add, count, compare and contrast and make patterns with fun counting hands. Use the hand buttons and laminated activity cards to explore addition, subtraction and data collection. Teaching guide has activities based on National Common Core Math Standards and questions to engage children’s thinking.

• Meets Common Core Math Standards   • 144 hand buttons in 6 shapes, demonstrating numbers 0-5   • Dry-erase activity cards, 8.5” x 11”   • 2 Compare & Contrast cards, 8.5”x11”   • 2 Addition & Counting cards, 8.5”x5.5”   • 4 Visual Recognition & Patterning cards, 2.25”x11” & 4.25”x10”   • 1 Graph card   • Teaching guide

Item#: R35038     Age: 4+     Made in USA