Sockles Accessory Kit


Turn ordinary socks into extraordinary puppets! Personalize your sock puppet creations using the materials provided in this kit. Decorate your sock puppets with hair, eyes, spots and other embellishments using the pre-cut colorful felt shapes. Add details with Bright Buttons! To secure the sock while sewing on the details, slip the sock over the provided Stiffener. This will hold the sock in place as students attach on the accessories. Our easy-to-use Plastic Lacing Needles work perfectly to sew the felt shapes or buttons onto your sock characters while keeping little fingers safe. Make 24 adorable puppet friends or use in combination with R22004 Sockles!

• ½ lb Bright Buttons™   • 24 Big Buttons    • 24 Plastic Lacing Needles   • 56 assorted Felt Hair Pieces    • 24 Felt Tongues   • 24 Felt Ears   • 24 Stiffeners   • Idea guide

Item #: R22008     Age: 3+     Made in USA